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Comms Unplugged: You just created a movement

by @darrencaveney In the run up to the second Comms Unplugged I keenly told anyone who would listen to me drone on that it was more than just an event – it was an experience. And so post-event, whilst I still think that is a true, I was actually wrong. Comms Unplugged is now officially […]

ONE DAY TO #CU18 – Georgia

OMG – JUST ONE DAY TO GO, PEOPLE So the final vid in our 12 day countdown is from excited co-organiser, the ace Georgia Turner. Enjoy. And see you in the field 🙂


As if you needed another reason to dip into the Comms Unplugged charity raffle we’ve another top prize up for grabs. Columbia Sportswear ® is the official outfitter of the UK’s 15 National Parks’ rangers and staff – the people who protect and promote some of Britain’s best-loved landscapes.  As part of this 5-year partnership, […]

TWO DAYS TO #CU18 – Saranne

Saranne from the Fresh Air Friday’s crew led some wonderful, calming wellbeing activities during Comms Unplugged last year. Meditating on a log in some gentle, warm Dorset rain was a particular highlight. And she’s back for more this year…

3 days to #CU18 – Joanne

Last year Scottish #unplugger Joanne Ford had a great way to persuade her boss to let her come to the field – she brought her along (that’s Anna from yesterday’s blog)! Here’s her take on why Comms Unplugged is a must-attend event.

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