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Turn up, tune out – learn more

‘The most important thing people did for me was to expose me to new things.’ – Temple Grandin What do you think is the best thing […]

CPD with a difference – what we learned at Comms Unplugged

“Taking a punt” is a phrase we have used a lot when describing our concept to our delegates and sponsors (now collectively known as “Unpluggers”).  For […]

Our Programme – 2017

Thought we’d share this post-event, for those who weren’t there. YES – look what you missed!!!                  

It’s been emotional

by Georgia Turner @GeorgiaTurner When Sally, Darren and I decided, at last, to actually DO that thing we’d been sitting on for a couple of years, […]

Why Comms Unplugged reached the parts other events don’t reach

By Sally Northeast For a week I’ve been wanting to blog about Comms Unplugged, the comms conference/wellbeing event I co-created with the most excellent Georgia Turner […]

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