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About Comms Unplugged 2022

“I love coming away with really practical tips… totally inspired and loads that hit home for me.”

“I loved being barefoot in the field”

“What a keynote speech. Such a journey and so many life lessons in there.”

“So many handy stories shared that I could apply to work.”

“Love love LOVE the wellbeing sessions - especially the more hands on activities.”

“I love that there is no pressure and the vibe was very chill.”

“The Friday evening was amazing! I almost wish I could split myself it two so I could also enjoy time around the fireside, but I wouldn't miss the music for the world. A perfect night, lots of laughter and love shared.”

“There really is a sense of community at Comms Unplugged, and I love it for that.”

“There was a lovely, friendly vibe to the evenings.”

“I'm so glad we had a trip to the beach again. Being by the sea with your feet in the sand is really soothing and makes a nice contrast to the green field and woods. It's a lovely way to end the weekend.”

“How relaxed it was. Wasn't too regimented with sessions which I enjoyed.”

“The welcoming energy the organisers brought to proceedings - just amazing!!”

“Everyone is warm, like-minded and welcoming.”

“The place - the light at Burnbake is special, the sunrise and sunset are always stunning, the crisp clean air and dewy fields is the perfect setting.”

“I'm so thankful that I get dedicated time to unwind, to breathe, to think and to reconnect with myself.”

“I think it's the connections you make with everyone in the field that continues long after you leave, and is still going, 4 years later… priceless.”

“The acknowledgement that - and putting into practice of - learning is best done outdoors.”

“I loved making the connections and sharing stories and advice.”

“How easy it was to talk to others and exchange stories and learnings but also just talk about any old nonsense.”

“Hearing from knowledgeable like-minded professionals in the workshops.”

“I cannot thank you enough for putting on this wonderful event. It's got it all and it's truly an honour to feel like I'm a little bit part of it.”

“Just brilliant. It is that vital breathing space that helps me to refocus professionally and personally every year.”

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– 2022 Charities –

In 2022 we supported Dorset Mind and Dorset Wildlife Trust again as they fit so well into the ethos of Comms Unplugged. Our raffle, which offered prizes worth a total of over £4000, raised over £1000 between the two charities and we aim to do even better next year.

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