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Different is good – reflections from the North taster

by Helena Hornby I love Dorset. Absolutely love it. I love it even more now that it’s home to Comms Unplugged, which I also love. Thing is, Dorset is a long way from where I live – Manchester. There are a few of us intrepid northerners who’ve made the epic journey south for two days […]

The joy of taking people outside – reflections from the Midlands taster

by Saranne Postans Let’s get one thing straight, I LOVE everything about Comms Unplugged, so when the opportunity to deliver a taster session came about, I couldn’t wait to get involved! What I hadn’t anticipated was the absolute buzz I’d get from working with a brilliant bunch of Midlands-based comms folk (and teaming up with […]

Unplugging is a great leveller – reflections from the Wales taster event

by Victoria Ford Last week Em Northcote, Head of Communications for Dyfed Powys Police and I hosted the first Wales CommsUnplugged taster session. The idea was to give people the opportunity to have a couple of hours away from the usual hectic pace of life to focus on wellbeing, do some problem-solving and meet new […]

Wellbeing – let’s make it a priority not an afterthought

by Sally Northeast After what can only be described as a whirlwind week for Comms Unplugged I finally have time for a bit of reflection on what’s happened. Because, ironically, Mental Health Awareness Week – a time when we all think about our mental health and that of people around us – could almost have […]