– Blog - May - 2021 –

Taking notice of the little things

by Joe Crossland There are many things that have brought me joy over the last year-and-a-bit, but if you distilled them all down to their purest […]

Sensual healing from nearby nature

By CU co-creator Georgia Turner Thank you lockdown. Thank you for helping me reconnect with nature. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever lost my love for the […]

Immerse yourself in nature – even if it’s freezing!

by Joanne Ford and Anna MacLean Working in a National Park you might think we’re connected to nature at all times, but as it has been […]

A city slacker’s guide to enjoying nature wherever you live

by Darren Caveney Anyone who knows me knows I am a city kid through and through. I love my home town of Brum and whilst it […]

I would walk 1,000 miles…

by Saranne Postans I signed up for the #walk1000miles challenge this year and, unusually for me, I’ve been really motivated by being part of something bigger […]

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