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6 of 7: Digital transformation and the culture of change

As comms professionals the likelihood is that we are more than familiar with change. Communicating change in an organisation is a key skill and a standard part of our toolkit, part of what we do. Throw the words ‘digital’ or ‘technology’ in the mix and suddenly a whole new language appears that can feel unfamiliar […]

5 of 7: People power and how to harness it

At the heart of being a communicator is knowing how to engage with people – we persuade, we negotiate, we cajole, we explain and, most importantly, we listen. As we all know, human interaction isn’t about just broadcasting – it’s two-way. The fascinating thing about it is that you just never know what’s going on […]

4 of 7: Comms Unplugged – being part of it could just save your job

by Darren Caveney The pull of comms unplugged was immediate straight away for me. The chance to learn and develop in an amazingly unique outdoor setting was an opportunity I jumped at and I’m really enjoying and benefitting from being a part of the organising team. But of course there has to be a real […]

3 of 7: Change? I’ll have some of that

If you work in comms you probably spend a big fat chunk of each day communicating about it. Whether you love it or loathe it, change is a central part of a professional communicator’s life. Thankfully many of us thrive on it, shape it, embrace it. Whether it’s explaining an alteration in policy or service […]

2 of 7: We’re only human, after all.

We’ve just met. You’ve taken care over your appearance, with just a touch of something that says “yep, I’m me”. I get to know you – you’re gregarious, loyal, compassionate, honest, ambitious, hard-working and courageous (yes – all of that!). How do I know you’re these things? Easy – you show me. Each time you […]

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