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Going full hippy. And why that’s a good thing

You know that feeling when you experience something truly special and the benefits go on and on and on? by Darren Caveney Now I’ll apologise in […]

Comms Unplugged – a digital detox

by Mo Sanders from Fresh Air Fridays With slight trepidation and great anticipation I packed my things for Comms Unplugged 2019, including a tent which I […]

Could it be magic?

by Sally Northeast, co-creator of Comms Unplugged Magic. Is it really a thing? We might use it to describe a perfect moment, or a feeling that […]

1 day to #CU19 – Georgia

Here’s Georgia Turner, the final piece of the #teamunplugged jigsaw, appropriately enjoying a weekend under canvas and getting into the Comms Unplugged spirit. Like all of […]

2 days to #CU19 – Ross and Josephine

Here are two of our fab originals, who have stuck with us from the start on our unplugged journey. The lovely Ross Gregory wouldn’t call himself […]

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