– How is Your Wellbeing? –

Your wellbeing is vital to being a brilliant communicator. Yet comms and PR has emerged in UK research as one of the most stressed industries to work in. We take on a lot and we deliver a lot but that can take its toll.

Help is at Hand

Comms Unplugged is here to help you take some quality time out. Your physical and mental wellbeing is important in all areas of your life - if you can achieve that balance everything falls into place.

So with this unique event we're buying into the ethos of the five steps to wellbeing and we invite you to join us.

Here's how it all fits together:


You'll have the chance to network professionally, socialise, relax and generally enjoy the company of your comms colleagues in person.

Be Active

There'll be walks, yoga, maybe a bit of dancing to live music. You won't be sitting still for long - we'll be encouraging you not to, in fact.

Take Notice

We'll be in beautiful surroundings with nature and wildlife all around us. Time to sit back, reflect and enjoy the great outdoors.

Keep Learning

With a great line-up of speakers and workshop leaders you're bound to find out something you didn't know. And you'll learn from each other too.


Time to share all that great experience and knowledge with your new unplugged friends.

And time to contribute to a couple of worthy local charities too - we're supporting Dorset Wildlife Trust and Dorset Mind.