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We’re born to be creative, especially in lockdown

By Sally Northeast Necessity is the mother of invention. I like that phrase because what it means is that in times of need, in times of challenge we can be at our most creative. It’s the way we humans are built – to adapt, to learn, to create, to change our world. And in lockdown, […]

Planting sunflower seeds – an idea worth sowing

Unplugger and nature lover Joe Crossland has got us all growing! Want to join in? Whether it’s flowers or fresh herbs or salad you fancy having a go at, read his blog and get involved! In these difficult times I find you need to distract yourself. Anything involving your hands tends to be quite meditative […]

Can you even be unplugged during lockdown?

by Sally Northeast The world is a very different place since coronavirus hit us and our reliance on technology has increased hugely. So how can we look after our wellbeing, learn what we need to learn at pace and connect with others in a meaningful way? In 2017 we recognised that a new approach to […]

Being apart is bringing us closer together

by Sally Northeast Everything feels different now doesn’t it? But actually some things are the same. My dog walk, for example. Every day I’m religiously taking the air with the hound, just like I did before COVID-19. It’s even more important now as I strive to stay well so I can play my part to […]

How I unplugged my imposter

by Jill Spurr 2016 was not a good year for me. Let’s leave it at that. But suffice to say, it left me battered, mentally and emotionally. In 2017, I spotted a tweet about a new type of comms conference, without tech in a field in Dorset. I’ve been competing in dog agility for over […]

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