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11 things I’ve learned from taking CU on tour

By Sally Northeast, co-creator of Comms Unplugged For #teamunplugged – that’s me, Georgia and Darren – Comms Unplugged is the project that keeps on giving. It seems to fuel us and our growing gang of unpluggers to come up with loads of creative ideas to try something new and different. One month we create a […]

Give yourself the time – reflections from the Scottish taster

by Joe Crossland To misquote Bilbo Baggins, one afternoon is too short a time to spend in such excellent company. I’d followed Comms Unplugged on Twitter for a while, had read a few blogs, listened to the podcast and engaged with a few unpluggers online, but was Comms Unplugged for me? It did appeal from […]

Different is good – reflections from the North taster

by Helena Hornby I love Dorset. Absolutely love it. I love it even more now that it’s home to Comms Unplugged, which I also love. Thing is, Dorset is a long way from where I live – Manchester. There are a few of us intrepid northerners who’ve made the epic journey south for two days […]

The joy of taking people outside – reflections from the Midlands taster

by Saranne Postans Let’s get one thing straight, I LOVE everything about Comms Unplugged, so when the opportunity to deliver a taster session came about, I couldn’t wait to get involved! What I hadn’t anticipated was the absolute buzz I’d get from working with a brilliant bunch of Midlands-based comms folk (and teaming up with […]

Unplugging is a great leveller – reflections from the Wales taster event

by Victoria Ford Last week Em Northcote, Head of Communications for Dyfed Powys Police and I hosted the first Wales CommsUnplugged taster session. The idea was to give people the opportunity to have a couple of hours away from the usual hectic pace of life to focus on wellbeing, do some problem-solving and meet new […]

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