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Give the gift of time – to yourself!

By Sally Northeast Isn’t it funny how we talk about ‘taking’ time, like someone’s got a big pot of it somewhere and we have to sneak over and steal some every now and then. You know what I mean: “Sheesh, I’ve done over and above this week – I need to take back some time!” […]

Comms Unplugged – an experience that never leaves you

By Harriet Small My surrogate Comms Unplugged family have been described in some very unusual ways. We’ve even been likened to a cult, which we are not – and nobody has forced me to say that, I promise. Don’t knock it till you have tried it, is what I’m inclined to say to the unconverted. […]

Values – not just words on a wall

by Saranne Postans We’re all familiar with the values of our business or organisation – you might even be able to remember them. And, if you’ve been working in communications and PR for a while, you’ll probably have been involved in a values workshop or two in your time. But, have you ever stopped to […]

The 12 unplugged months of 2018

By Comms Unplugged co-creator Sally Northeast As one year draws to a close and we gear up for a shiny, brand new year it’s always nice to look back and celebrate what’s gone on in the previous 12 months. And what a year 2018 was for the Comms Unplugged community. Sit back and reminisce with […]

Leadership, focus and better relationships – top tips from a marquee full of comms people

In the last of three blog posts – using my (very basic) hand-drawn workshop notes – here are the lessons and advice to emerge from an excellent Comms Unplugged session led by Alex Ball on ‘Leadership, Focus and Relationships’. by Darren Caveney Boy, Comms Unplugged feels like a long time ago now doesn’t it? Halloween […]

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