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Play it again, Sam: Industry insights and career learning from Twitter UK’s head of comms

by Darren Caveney Here’s the second of a series of post-Comms Unplugged posts, taken from my (slightly amateurish) drawn notes. This talk was eagerly anticipated by the unpluggers in attendance. But first, a bit of context… You know when you get prompts of ‘suggested people to follow’ on social media? Well I was on LinkedIn […]

Be more human

by Matt Barnfield As I sat in still, cloudless darkness on my final night in an empty Dorset field, it struck me that it wasn’t just the flickering flames of my camp fire that warmed me. It was the raw, almost effortless humanity that still resonated from the now empty marquees. I saw it in long-distance […]

A sparkling workshop to improve your internal comms

by @darrencaveney One of the – too many to mention – highlights of Comms Unplugged 2018 was the workshop Alan Oram, creative director of Alive with Ideas, ran to inspire and recharge our thinking around internal comms strategy and delivery. Nicely pitched as ‘Sparkling Internal Comms’ – and isn’t that a great objective for any […]

Comms Unplugged: You just created a movement

by @darrencaveney In the run up to the second Comms Unplugged I keenly told anyone who would listen to me drone on that it was more than just an event – it was an experience. And so post-event, whilst I still think that is a true, I was actually wrong. Comms Unplugged is now officially […]

ONE DAY TO #CU18 – Georgia

OMG – JUST ONE DAY TO GO, PEOPLE So the final vid in our 12 day countdown is from excited co-organiser, the ace Georgia Turner. Enjoy. And see you in the field 🙂

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