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Play it again, Sam: Industry insights and career learning from Twitter UK’s head of comms

by Darren Caveney Here’s the second of a series of post-Comms Unplugged posts, taken from my (slightly amateurish) drawn notes. This talk was eagerly anticipated by […]

Be more human

by Matt Barnfield As I sat in still, cloudless darkness on my final night in an empty Dorset field, it struck me that it wasn’t just the […]

A sparkling workshop to improve your internal comms

by @darrencaveney One of the – too many to mention – highlights of Comms Unplugged 2018 was the workshop Alan Oram, creative director of Alive with […]

Comms Unplugged: You just created a movement

by @darrencaveney In the run up to the second Comms Unplugged I keenly told anyone who would listen to me drone on that it was more […]

ONE DAY TO #CU18 – Georgia

OMG – JUST ONE DAY TO GO, PEOPLE So the final vid in our 12 day countdown is from excited co-organiser, the ace Georgia Turner. Enjoy. […]

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