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An important new Twitter Chat – Mental health in comms #MHinComms

Survey after survey from our industry shows the rise in mental ill health. The results also clearly highlight that not enough is being done to provide support. So, an important new Twitter Chat aims to provide more spotlight of the issues and the help and advice available. by Leanne Ehren How are you today? No, […]

Comms networks and comms friends

Comms networks and comms friends – there isn’t anything more important to us in our careers. by Jill Spurr I cried today. I cried because a friend told me to stop hiding my light under a bushel, and sell myself better. This wasn’t a wine-soaked girlie night to sort my life. This was a colleague, […]

The Comms Unplugged scholarship is here!

By Comms Unplugged co-creator Sally Northeast Comms Unplugged is a different kind of learning and development event and it’s open to anyone in comms, whatever stage of their career they’re at. Sometimes accessing the right learning opportunities can be a challenge – many of them are really expensive, they can be dominated by people who […]