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Sensual healing from nearby nature

By CU co-creator Georgia Turner Thank you lockdown. Thank you for helping me reconnect with nature. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever lost my love for the natural world and wildlife, but I think I’d come to take for granted the wonders that are here on my doorstep, or even just in my back garden. Life’s […]

Not baking banana bread

By Georgia Turner Comms Unplugged co-creator, Georgia Turner blogs for Mental Health Awareness Week I’m what most people would describe as a positive person. Glass half full. Bags of energy. Looks on the bright side. I’m resilient too. Strong as an ox (mentally). I always bounce back. Chuck another throwaway cliché phrase in there too, […]

Taste the passion

By Comms Unplugged co-creator, Georgia Turner If you’re passionate about something, it can be hard to be objective.   When we launched Comms Unplugged ticket sales for the first event in 2017 we’d expected not just a flurry of sales, but a veritable Glasto-esque response.  So unique, special and enlightened was our little idea, we […]

Enjoy the #Unplugged view (of learning, and life)

Still wondering why we can’t stop raving about Comms Unplugged? This delightful ditty from 2017 #unplugger Josephine Graham gives a unique and beautiful perspective… If you’re feeling a little weary When #comms is making you feel uncheery Rather frustrated, a wee bit bugged? My friend, it’s time to go Unplugged! But don’t get me wrong, […]

7 of 7: We never give to receive … do we?

In the five steps to wellbeing the fifth step is give. We are all taught from a young age you don’t give to receive. Whilst technically this is true with some of the amazing raffle prizes on offer I can guarantee you’ll be giving your money in the hope of receiving one of them. Fear […]

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