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#SaturdaySmiles: laugh yourself happy

We like a bit of yoga at our main Comms Unplugged events and it’s been on offer at every one. Then in 2019 we decided to […]

Bringing friends together in harmony 

by Daniel Cattanach “We’ve never been more connected, yet felt so far apart.” Those are the words that resonated with me the most as I wrote […]

#takenotice, #give and send #somethinginthepost

By Sally Northeast Back in October 2018 we were still basking in the glow of a second Comms Unplugged event in Dorset. Around 60 #unpluggers, plus […]

Not baking banana bread

By Georgia Turner Comms Unplugged co-creator, Georgia Turner blogs for Mental Health Awareness Week I’m what most people would describe as a positive person. Glass half […]

How do you take care of you? 

by Saranne Postans Anxiety’s a strange thing and it shows up in different people in different ways. For me it starts as a niggling, unsettled feeling […]

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