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Go with your gut and pull the plug out

by Sally Northeast Gut instinct definitely plays a key role in the life of a professional communicator. You’ll get a strong feeling that something’s right – or wrong – and it will influence the way you make decisions, do your work and advise others. And when something feels right – well you have to go […]

It’s been emotional

by Georgia Turner @GeorgiaTurner When Sally, Darren and I decided, at last, to actually DO that thing we’d been sitting on for a couple of years, that thing that was to become Comms Unplugged, I had no idea how emotionally embedded I would become. As a comms professional, I know all about the emotions and […]

1 of 7: Why looking after your wellbeing could be the most important thing you do

Wellbeing is one of those words that can unfortunately provoke scepticism in some – it’s a buzzword, something a bit ‘New Age’, a glib attempt to capture a whole lot of stuff in one handy descriptor. But when it comes down to it, what it’s about is feeling well – in body and in mind. […]