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About Comms Unplugged 2018

“This is hands down the best comms event that has ever been created.”

“The most relaxed environment in which I have ever experienced work-related development.”

“It's no exaggeration to say Comms Unplugged has changed my life. It's broadened my horizons. It's got me networking and enjoying it. It's given me a confidence I didn't even realise I was lacking and I've made real friends.”

“This is very much a comms retreat - recharging, resetting and reminding us why we wanted to do this kind of job in the first place. That field really has been sprinkled with some kind of magic.”

“I think lots of the wellbeing activities will help with my anxiety. I even got a [new] job because I was so chilled at the interview.”

“The friendly atmosphere, the focus on wellbeing, the cake. Not like any other conference.”

“An instant connection with fellow comms people, they ‘got me’ straight away.”

“…such a good, unique, important event.”

“Brilliant sense of support and community”

“The people - I suffer from anxiety and was half excited for this and half terrified. I'm so proud of myself for going and for learning so much, couldn't have done it without the community even before the field! Just the best few days.”

“The organisers and attendees are warm and open. There is a real sense of care for each other.”

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In 2018 we supported Dorset Mind and Dorset Wildlife Trust again as they fit so well into the ethos of Comms Unplugged. Each charity received just over £500.

– 2018 Organisers –

Sally Northeast

Deputy Director for OD, Communication and Participation at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust.

After a degree in languages I trained to be a journo at the local paper in my home town. A few years later I hopped the fence into local gov comms, with a stint as a freelance and finally a move to the NHS.

Love the variety and the challenges of public sector comms and engagement, and the great people you get to work with. Value great writing, good humour, funky ideas and positive relationships.

Outside work it's two girls, one dog, one guinea pig, baking, singing (Rock Choir), movies, books, drawing, codeword puzzles and travel.


Georgia Turner

I am Shared Head of Communication and Marketing, Bournemouth Borough Council and Borough of Poole.

I studied a PR degree in my hometown of Bournemouth, which included a placement at the council. I loved it so much I went back after the obligatory post-graduation travelling and haven't left since!

After a dabble in the glamping business for a couple of seasons just two years ago (alongside my full time job at Bournemouth - what was I thinking?), I realised that the grass really wasn't greener, even in a glamping field, and embraced my job with newfound enthusiasm & appreciation. Why wouldn't I? I love the unending change, the requisite drive for creativity, and the innovation & commitment I see each day… oh, and I get to live by the sea.

Out of work passions - travel, conservation, food, wine, and my cat Marble.


Darren Caveney

My son claims I “work on The Twitter”. But really, I am a communications consultant, creator of comms2point0, and owner of Creative Communicators Ltd.

My 21-year career in communications, marketing and PR spans 10 years as Head of Communications within local government, a director level role in the NHS and five years in private sector marketing, winning some awards with my teams along the way.

I have hosted and spoken at more than 100 events across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, on integrating social media for business, building communications and engagement strategies, and communicating in a digital world.

And amongst many, many projects I am most proud to deliver the unique annual UnAwards, now in their fourth year.

I love the communications community and my mission is to fly a flag for it wherever possible.

I'm also passionate about all things Birmingham, including our very average football team, and in between trying to be a decent dad I love music, film & TV, cooking, trips to the seaside and the occasional visit to the gym.

Say hello to me at @darrencaveney and @comms2point0

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