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A New Year’s tale for corona times…

by Sally Northeast After the complete shambles that was 2020, I – like most of us – was cautiously hoping for better in 2021. Things have not started out well though as the New Year brought me an actual Covid diagnosis! Yes, those cold symptoms that started on New Year’s Eve – the sneezes, blocked […]

Resilience – what is it and where can you get some?

by Sally Northeast It’s one of the big buzzwords of our current times isn’t it – resilience. I was planning a #CUontheair podcast episode about it this month but it turns out I don’t actually have the resilience right now to do it!! I suspect that people have different views about the meaning of the […]

Why am I doing Movember this year?

by Andy Kirby 6:45am. The alarm drills into my brain, piercing a hole through which a pleasant dream of sun and sand escapes. The vacuum it leaves behind is filled – gradually – with growing consciousness. I locate myself and the what, where, and how comes back to me, first through the coldness of my […]

Bake those blues away

By Helena Hornby Have you been bitten by the baking bug whilst the world is dealing with a bug of much more serious kind? Maybe you’ve turned your hand to that pandemic favourite – banana bread? Or even dabbled with sourdough! It’s fair to say that baking is one of the things that helps me […]

6 December: The Comms Unplugged festive bake-along with Helena Hornby

Wow – 2020 has been a long haul right? In and out of lockdowns local and national, unprecedented workloads and pressure on comms people around the country and just the lack of human contact with our family, friends and colleagues – it’s taking its toll! But never fear – the Comms Unplugged massive is here […]

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