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By Sally Northeast Back in October 2018 we were still basking in the glow of a second Comms Unplugged event in Dorset. Around 60 #unpluggers, plus speakers and sponsors, had enjoyed a blissful 48 hours away from the tyrrany of tech in a wifi-free, signal-poor field. It struck me then that, while digital in all […]

Not baking banana bread

By Georgia Turner Comms Unplugged co-creator, Georgia Turner blogs for Mental Health Awareness Week I’m what most people would describe as a positive person. Glass half full. Bags of energy. Looks on the bright side. I’m resilient too. Strong as an ox (mentally). I always bounce back. Chuck another throwaway cliché phrase in there too, […]

How do you take care of you? 

by Saranne Postans Anxiety’s a strange thing and it shows up in different people in different ways. For me it starts as a niggling, unsettled feeling in my tummy and, over time, becomes constant pins and needles in my shoulders, regular headaches and an inability to stay asleep past 3am. Before lockdown began I had […]


I still love a good Twitter Chat and they can still offer up brilliant engagement opportunities when done right. by Darren Caveney Last year Comms Unplugged ran a dedicated Twitter Chat for Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), led by leading mental health advocate, Leanne Ehren. The chat exceeded the participant numbers we had originally estimated, […]

Emergency stop: A chance to reflect during Mental Health Awareness Week

We already knew that mental health was an issue in the communications and PR industry before COVID-19. Heaven knows where we’re at with it now. So the opportunity for some time-out to reflect during Mental Health Awareness Week is incredibly timely. by Darren Caveney At the end of January this year I attended two-days of […]

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