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1 day to #CU19 – Georgia

Here’s Georgia Turner, the final piece of the #teamunplugged jigsaw, appropriately enjoying a weekend under canvas and getting into the Comms Unplugged spirit. Like all of us, she’s looking forward to some top-notch learning, vital wellbeing tips and opportunities to meet lots of lovely like-minded comms folk in the field. Editing, branding and that fab […]

2 days to #CU19 – Ross and Josephine

Here are two of our fab originals, who have stuck with us from the start on our unplugged journey. The lovely Ross Gregory wouldn’t call himself a camper, but he’s stoically endured the nights under canvas for the last two years, representing our sponsors Perago Wales with his partner-in-crime Victoria Ford. They’re back this year […]

3 days to #CU19 – Darren

The most excellent Darren Caveney, 1/3 of #teamunplugged and creator of comms2point0, has already been to beautiful Dorset for his holidays this summer. While there he recorded this video to share what he’s looking forward to at this year’s main unplugged event. Editing, branding and that fab bit of animation at the end courtesy of […]

4 days to #CU19 – Jenny and Ian

We’ll be welcoming these two lovely folk for their very first Comms Unplugged this year. Jenny Pearce, senior comms officer for Dorset HealthCare, is a brand new unplugger for 2019 and attended our South taster session in June. Even before she’s set foot in our field she’s totally on message about the benefits of unplugging […]

5 days to #CU19 – Andrew

Andrew Fielding is an original unplugger and works in police comms. He’s the clever brain behind the brand application and animation in these little vids and he also brings creativity to the CU field – like his contraption for making popcorn over the campfire and some magic powder that turns the fire different colours!

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