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Resilience – what is it and where can you get some?

by Sally Northeast It’s one of the big buzzwords of our current times isn’t it – resilience. I was planning a #CUontheair podcast episode about it […]

Why am I doing Movember this year?

by Andy Kirby 6:45am. The alarm drills into my brain, piercing a hole through which a pleasant dream of sun and sand escapes. The vacuum it […]

Bake those blues away

By Helena Hornby Have you been bitten by the baking bug whilst the world is dealing with a bug of much more serious kind? Maybe you’ve […]

6 December: The Comms Unplugged festive bake-along with Helena Hornby

Wow – 2020 has been a long haul right? In and out of lockdowns local and national, unprecedented workloads and pressure on comms people around the […]

On a roll with Feels On Wheels

by Daniel Cattanach Things are pretty rubbish at the moment, aren’t they? We’re sad to be missing the little, everyday things that we used to take […]

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