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Taste the passion

By Comms Unplugged co-creator, Georgia Turner If you’re passionate about something, it can be hard to be objective.   When we launched Comms Unplugged ticket sales for the first event in 2017 we’d expected not just a flurry of sales, but a veritable Glasto-esque response.  So unique, special and enlightened was our little idea, we […]

CU on the air – channel the field through your earphones!

by Sally Northeast As you may have noticed, we like to try new things here at #unplugged central. We often have crazy ideas and we just kind of go with it and make them happen (in fact, that’s how Comms Unplugged started in the first place!). So when I heard 2018 #unplugger Harriet Small being […]

What if…?

by Josephine Graham When I think of the greatest ‘what if I hadn’t done that’ moments of my life, there are two that jump out at me. One – what if I hadn’t gone to that trapeze class in 2003? – And two – what if I hadn’t gone to the very first Comms Unplugged? […]

Give the gift of time – to yourself!

By Sally Northeast Isn’t it funny how we talk about ‘taking’ time, like someone’s got a big pot of it somewhere and we have to sneak over and steal some every now and then. You know what I mean: “Sheesh, I’ve done over and above this week – I need to take back some time!” […]

Comms Unplugged – an experience that never leaves you

By Harriet Small My surrogate Comms Unplugged family have been described in some very unusual ways. We’ve even been likened to a cult, which we are not – and nobody has forced me to say that, I promise. Don’t knock it till you have tried it, is what I’m inclined to say to the unconverted. […]

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