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Go with your gut and pull the plug out

by Sally Northeast Gut instinct definitely plays a key role in the life of a professional communicator. You’ll get a strong feeling that something’s right – or wrong – and it will influence the way you make decisions, do your work and advise others. And when something feels right – well you have to go […]

Talking Comms Podcast meets Comms Unplugged

So we were lucky enough to get a Highly Commended accolade for Best Small Team at the Comms 2point0 Unawards. And while we were there, Mr Adrian Stirrup of Talking Comms Podcast loveliness was kind enough to let us babble on with reflections on Comms Unplugged 2017 and chat about what might be in store […]

Turn up, tune out – learn more

‘The most important thing people did for me was to expose me to new things.’ – Temple Grandin What do you think is the best thing about attending a conference? Engaging speakers? Networking with people? Perhaps the goody bag or, if you are lucky, a night in a hotel? So how does two nights camping […]

CPD with a difference – what we learned at Comms Unplugged

“Taking a punt” is a phrase we have used a lot when describing our concept to our delegates and sponsors (now collectively known as “Unpluggers”).  For those who weren’t there or haven’t heard of this inaugural event, Comms Unplugged is a conference for public sector communications folk, with a vibrant and refreshing programme of professional […]

Our Programme – 2017

Thought we’d share this post-event, for those who weren’t there. YES – look what you missed!!!                  

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