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Feed your “giving” FOMO!

If you can’t make it to Comms Unplugged this Friday, don’t worry!  There is one element you can still take part in, that is bound to boost your wellbeing: giving! Take part in our charity raffle in aid of Dorset Wildlife Trust and Dorset Mind.  Details of the amazing prizes on offer – with a […]

How to Communicate Effectively

by Jane Hewitt Last month we headed off to Birmingham to sponsor and take part in the CommsCamp unconference, where a converted warehouse played host to over 180 public sector PR, Marketing and Communications professionals. Throughout the day, a common theme that emerged was of the problems with internal communications in the public sector and […]

The Comms Unplugged raffle – the big reveal!

If you’ve already read the blog from @commsceri you’ll know we’ve got some stonking prizes in store in the first ever Comms Unplugged charity raffle.  It’s all part of wellbeing, you know.  Giving.  Makes you feel good. Jut like winning! Because these are prizes that show off the very best of Dorset, with a few […]

7 of 7: We never give to receive … do we?

In the five steps to wellbeing the fifth step is give. We are all taught from a young age you don’t give to receive. Whilst technically this is true with some of the amazing raffle prizes on offer I can guarantee you’ll be giving your money in the hope of receiving one of them. Fear […]

6 of 7: Digital transformation and the culture of change

As comms professionals the likelihood is that we are more than familiar with change. Communicating change in an organisation is a key skill and a standard part of our toolkit, part of what we do. Throw the words ‘digital’ or ‘technology’ in the mix and suddenly a whole new language appears that can feel unfamiliar […]

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