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What we learned from the CU-that-wasn’t

By Sally Northeast In the normal run of things the Sunday after Comms Unplugged is a mixture of exhaustion and elation as my co-creators Georgia Turner, Darren Caveney and I bask in the glow of another wonderful 48 hours of unplugging. As it turned out, 2020 (or rather coronavirus) had other ideas. Our annual pilgrimage […]

When unplugging is bittersweet

Ahead of the CU that never was, CU20, our Georgia Turner blogs on what it feels like to plan a trip to Burnbake, without our Unpluggers. It’s with both excitement and a heavy heart that I’m heading to Burnbake with my CU partner-in-crime Sally Northeast on Thursday. I’m excited for time away, to get a […]

The CU Summer Tea Party

Being online may not be very Unplugged, but laughter, support, yummy food, friendship and community are, as  is doing something differently. So we bring you the Comms Unplugged Summer Tea (dare we say ‘Garden’?!) Party! Via Zoom…. We’re keeping the spirit of Comms Unplugged, and in fact of summer itself, alive with an hour of […]

CIPR Health Group – Unplugged converts!

by Jude Tipper “Hey Siri, navigate me to a convenient central point in the Northern part of the country…” My geography skills aren’t the finest, yet somehow I landed the job of finding a suitable venue for the northern Comms Unplugged and CIPR Health collaboration that was due to take place this summer. As Vice […]

Comms Unplugged / CIPR Health webinar 3 – July 2020

Here’s the programme for the third and final webinar in our series with CIPR Health: And the video: And the resources: CU-CIPR webinar 3 resources and tips

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