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Being apart is bringing us closer together

by Sally Northeast Everything feels different now doesn’t it? But actually some things are the same. My dog walk, for example. Every day I’m religiously taking the air with the hound, just like I did before COVID-19. It’s even more important now as I strive to stay well so I can play my part to […]

How I unplugged my imposter

by Jill Spurr 2016 was not a good year for me. Let’s leave it at that. But suffice to say, it left me battered, mentally and emotionally. In 2017, I spotted a tweet about a new type of comms conference, without tech in a field in Dorset. I’ve been competing in dog agility for over […]

Find out how to fix work – from the man who knows

by Sally Northeast For most of us work is a necessity and we spend an awful lot of time there (in fact it’s around 80-90,000 hours across the average lifetime – that’s a third of your life at work!*). With numbers like that we really should be aiming to make our working life as happy […]

The #CUinthefield scholarship is back for 2020!

By Comms Unplugged co-creator Sally Northeast Giving is a huge part of the Comms Unplugged ethos – whether it’s your time, your cash, your expertise or your support. It’s one of the five steps to wellbeing that underpin everything we’re trying to do. So last year, after a wonderfully supportive and altruistic chat in one […]

Switching on to Comms Unplugged

by Daniel Cattanach So I finally went and did it. After almost four years of dilly-dallying, I have bitten the silver bullet and bought my first-ever ticket for Comms Unplugged. I absolutely cannot wait to get into that field in delightful Dorset – the field of dreams; the field of expert inspirational speakers; the field […]

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