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A sparkling workshop to improve your internal comms

by @darrencaveney One of the – too many to mention – highlights of Comms Unplugged 2018 was the workshop Alan Oram, creative director of Alive with Ideas, ran to inspire and recharge our thinking around internal comms strategy and delivery. Nicely pitched as ‘Sparkling Internal Comms’ – and isn’t that a great objective for any […]

Comms Unplugged: You just created a movement

by @darrencaveney In the run up to the second Comms Unplugged I keenly told anyone who would listen to me drone on that it was more than just an event – it was an experience. And so post-event, whilst I still think that is a true, I was actually wrong. Comms Unplugged is now officially […]

ONE DAY TO #CU18 – Georgia

OMG – JUST ONE DAY TO GO, PEOPLE So the final vid in our 12 day countdown is from excited co-organiser, the ace Georgia Turner. Enjoy. And see you in the field 🙂


As if you needed another reason to dip into the Comms Unplugged charity raffle we’ve another top prize up for grabs. Columbia Sportswear ® is the official outfitter of the UK’s 15 National Parks’ rangers and staff – the people who protect and promote some of Britain’s best-loved landscapes.  As part of this 5-year partnership, […]

TWO DAYS TO #CU18 – Saranne

Saranne from the Fresh Air Friday’s crew led some wonderful, calming wellbeing activities during Comms Unplugged last year. Meditating on a log in some gentle, warm Dorset rain was a particular highlight. And she’s back for more this year…

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