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5 days to #CU18 – Helen

Native New Zealander and original unplugger Helen Robertson travelled from Wales last year (thankfully not from her home country!) to be at #CU17 and is really […]

6 days to #CU18 – Darren (aka Ray Mears!)

Those of you who were in the field last year will recall CU co-creator Darren Caveney‘s pitiful tent! But since then he’s gone on to better […]

7 days to #CU18 – Victoria

Victoria Ford and her Perago Wales colleague Ross Gregory were among our 2017 sponsors and we’re so grateful to them for partnering with us again this […]

8 days to #CU18

The lovely Em Northcote is one of our original #unpluggers and was part of the Welsh massive who trekked to #Dorset in 2017. She’s back this […]

9 days to #CU18

Here’s Josephine Graham who makes one of the longest journeys to join us in our field, all the way from Bradford. She was there in 2017 […]

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