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Feed your “giving” FOMO!

If you can’t make it to Comms Unplugged this Friday, don’t worry!  There is one element you can still take part in, that is bound to […]

How to Communicate Effectively

by Jane Hewitt Last month we headed off to Birmingham to sponsor and take part in the CommsCamp unconference, where a converted warehouse played host to […]

The Comms Unplugged raffle – the big reveal!

If you’ve already read the blog from @commsceri you’ll know we’ve got some stonking prizes in store in the first ever Comms Unplugged charity raffle.  It’s […]

7 of 7: We never give to receive … do we?

In the five steps to wellbeing the fifth step is give. We are all taught from a young age you don’t give to receive. Whilst technically […]

6 of 7: Digital transformation and the culture of change

As comms professionals the likelihood is that we are more than familiar with change. Communicating change in an organisation is a key skill and a standard […]

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