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What if…?

by Josephine Graham When I think of the greatest ‘what if I hadn’t done that’ moments of my life, there are two that jump out at me. One – what if I hadn’t gone to that trapeze class in 2003? – And two – what if I hadn’t gone to the very first Comms Unplugged? […]

Give the gift of time – to yourself!

By Sally Northeast Isn’t it funny how we talk about ‘taking’ time, like someone’s got a big pot of it somewhere and we have to sneak over and steal some every now and then. You know what I mean: “Sheesh, I’ve done over and above this week – I need to take back some time!” […]

Comms Unplugged – an experience that never leaves you

By Harriet Small My surrogate Comms Unplugged family have been described in some very unusual ways. We’ve even been likened to a cult, which we are not – and nobody has forced me to say that, I promise. Don’t knock it till you have tried it, is what I’m inclined to say to the unconverted. […]

Values – not just words on a wall

by Saranne Postans We’re all familiar with the values of our business or organisation – you might even be able to remember them. And, if you’ve been working in communications and PR for a while, you’ll probably have been involved in a values workshop or two in your time. But, have you ever stopped to […]

The 12 unplugged months of 2018

By Comms Unplugged co-creator Sally Northeast As one year draws to a close and we gear up for a shiny, brand new year it’s always nice to look back and celebrate what’s gone on in the previous 12 months. And what a year 2018 was for the Comms Unplugged community. Sit back and reminisce with […]

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