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Enjoy the #Unplugged view (of learning, and life)

Still wondering why we can’t stop raving about Comms Unplugged? This delightful ditty from 2017 #unplugger Josephine Graham gives a unique and beautiful perspective… If you’re feeling a little weary When #comms is making you feel uncheery Rather frustrated, a wee bit bugged? My friend, it’s time to go Unplugged! But don’t get me wrong, […]

We can’t tell you how to be unplugged – but we can show you

by Sally Northeast It can be a bit difficult to describe what Comms Unplugged is all about. Yes, we can talk about the epic line-up of speakers and workshop leads providing a rich diet of professional development. Yes, we can wax lyrical about mindfulness in the woods, yoga under canvas and the relief of having […]

The only barrier between loving the idea and living the idea is you!

by Em Northcote I’m impulsive. I jump in and then slowly start to have doubts about whatever it is I’ve agreed to do. It drives me mad. SO, when I saw a tweet about CommsUnplugged sometime last year, of course, I was going! In my head, I was already there! It was a work thing […]

7 reasons NOT to come to Comms Unplugged – and how to overcome them

By Sally Northeast Tickets are on sale for THE learning experience in the comms person’s calendar and lots of keen #unpluggers have already booked their place in the field. But for those of you who are wavering, umming and aahing and wrestling with a list of reasons why it’s not for you, read on. This […]

Go with your gut and pull the plug out

by Sally Northeast Gut instinct definitely plays a key role in the life of a professional communicator. You’ll get a strong feeling that something’s right – or wrong – and it will influence the way you make decisions, do your work and advise others. And when something feels right – well you have to go […]

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