– 6 of 7: Digital transformation and the culture of change –

As comms professionals the likelihood is that we are more than familiar with change. Communicating change in an organisation is a key skill and a standard part of our toolkit, part of what we do.

Throw the words ‘digital’ or ‘technology’ in the mix and suddenly a whole new language appears that can feel unfamiliar to many and even impenetrable to some: ‘agile’, ‘user need’, ‘cloud’, ‘platforms’, ‘services’, ‘SAAS’.

When people talk about digital transformation they often jump straight to a technology solution, building a website or implementing a technology platform. But technology is just the enabler – really transforming a service or an organisation is about much more.

I’m lucky to work with one of the best agile delivery managers I know and at Comms Unplugged we’ll be running a joint session to look at the role of the comms professional in the world of digital transformation.

Whatever the future of the public sector, at the centre of that world will be people and culture; and the ability to respond fast and exploit new technology for the good of users of public services no matter where their geographical location. As comms professionals we need to work as an integral part of organisational transformation, not simply broadcasting messages, but creating the environment for change.

Being collaborative, open and transparent is key when it comes to successful transformation. Linking like-minded people, collaborating and sharing progress, challenges and ideas will help you build a culture where change not only flourishes, but becomes really sustainable.

That’s why Comms Unplugged fits the bill perfectly – the ideal place to explore what’s needed to succeed. From working in the open and blended change teams to creating conversations and visible leadership, we’ll be exploring the role of communications in building the momentum for change.

By Victoria Ford of Perago Wales