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4 days to #CU19 – Jenny and Ian

We’ll be welcoming these two lovely folk for their very first Comms Unplugged this year. Jenny Pearce, senior comms officer for Dorset HealthCare, is a brand […]

5 days to #CU19 – Andrew

Andrew Fielding is an original unplugger and works in police comms. He’s the clever brain behind the brand application and animation in these little vids and […]

6 days to #CU19 – Em

The inimitable Emma Northcote, one of our original unpluggers and a member of our Welsh massive, is always up to some crazy stunt. Her latest venture […]

7 days to #CU19 – John-Paul

This is not the first Comms Unplugged video outing for John-Paul Danon, from our sponsors the Council Advertising Network – we roped him into our Christmas […]

8 days to #CU19 – Sally

The countdown begins! Here’s 1/3 of #teamunplugged Sally, direct from her hols in France, telling us why Comms Unplugged is an altogether different kind of event […]

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