– 4 days to #CU19 – Jenny and Ian –

We’ll be welcoming these two lovely folk for their very first Comms Unplugged this year.

Jenny Pearce, senior comms officer for Dorset HealthCare, is a brand new unplugger for 2019 and attended our South taster session in June. Even before she’s set foot in our field she’s totally on message about the benefits of unplugging for your learning and wellbeing.

Ian Curwen works in comms for Sellafield so it’ll be quite a trek for him from Cumbria to attend his very first Comms Unplugged. The benefits of joining us in Dorset were impressed on him by a group of enthusiastic unpluggers after the Unawards Masterclass 2019 and he bought his ticket while sat with them in a Brum pub!

Editing, branding and that fab bit of animation at the end courtesy of very clever original #unplugger Andrew Fielding (aka @wobable)