– Species spotting with Butterfly Conservation –

Join Nigel as you visit specially-set moth traps around the Comms Unplugged field

Species spotting with Butterfly Conservation

Species spotting with Butterfly Conservation

Nigel Spring, Reserves Manager, Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation

Date: 09th September 2023

Time: 10.15am

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Identify moths with Reserves Manager Nigel Spring

We’re very proud that national charity Butterfly Conservation is based right here in Dorset. The charity is committed to:
  • Halving the number of the UK’s threatened species of butterflies and moths
  • Improving the condition of 100 of the most important landscapes for butterflies and moths
  • Transforming 100,000 wild spaces in the UK for people, butterflies and moths

Our Saturday morning activity will be guided by volunteer conservationist Nigel Spring who is closely involved with the Dorset branch of the organisation. We’ll visit moth traps set especially for us in and around the Comms Unplugged field, to see what species we can find. We’ll then head off on a walk in the beautiful countryside around Burnbake to explore the various habitats and ecosystems that support butterflies, moths and other Dorset wildlife.Comms Unplugged will be making a small donation to the Dorset branch of Butterfly Conservation on behalf of all Unpluggers.

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