– Masquerade mask-making with Sally –

Doing something creative is one of the best ways to get out of your own head and into a positive frame of mind.

Masquerade mask-making with Sally

Masquerade mask-making with Sally

Sally Northeast

Date: 08th September 2023

Time: 15:00

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"We all wear masks - metaphorically speaking!" The Mask (1994)

At CU22 our very own Sally reminded some of our unpluggers how much fun you can have when you get arty crafty. Getting lost in an art or craft project is good for the soul – you can be so immersed in it that time flies by and you’re fully in the moment, focussing on your creation.

This year Sally’s back with her big box of art supplies – and a different focus for you to enjoy. She’ll be leading a workshop in creating colourful masquerade masks using pens and paint, feathers and stick-on gems. Nothing is too bling for this session – go to town and rediscover the joys of messy play! For a taste of what you’ll be doing check out Sally’s video as she created her test mask.

Sally is a keen amateur artist who started teaching herself to draw when she began bullet journaling. She’s dabbled in a range of media including sketching, line drawing, watercolour and gouache painting, colouring, collage and lino printing.

During the pandemic she ran a series of online mindful drawing sessions both for Comms Unplugged and at events for the CIPR and LGComms. She’s always learning – being a fan of online courses by Domestika and on LinkedIn – and loves to try out new techniques to develop her art and craft skills.

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