– Develop your outward mindset –

Explore your outward mindset, with a session based on Arbinger Institute theory.

Grow your outward mindset

Grow your outward mindset

Giles Henschel

Date: 08th September 2023

Time: 11.30am

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Develop your outward mindset

Giles Henschel is a Dorset entrepreneur, co-founder of the fabulous Olives Et Al, and a friend of Comms Unplugged since he was keynote speaker at our very first event in 2017.  This year, he’s bringing us a workshop that will explore how to shift from an inward to outward facing mindset, based on Arbinger Institute theory.

Our mindset drives what we do, why we do it, and the impact we have on the people we work with. Outward mindset helps us to reconsider how we work with people by shifting from the self-focus of an inward mindset to the people-centric, results-focus of an outward mindset. Sampling and understanding this fascinating approach will help attendees bring out the best in themselves, others and build highly-engaged and productive teams.

Giles says: “I am not a total expert on Arbinger and wouldn’t want anyone to think that I was holding myself out as one – I simply try and practice the theories in both home and work settings.”

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