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What do comms pros and the CEOs want from each other? Kevin lifts the lid on effective strategic working with your organisation's leaders

Working with Senior Executives, with Kevin McNamara

Working with Senior Executives, with Kevin McNamara

Chief Executive, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Date: 08th September 2023

Time: 13:45

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Kevin is that rare beast – a communications professional who’s made it to the top job. Building on roles in communications and engagement in other sectors, he moved from a strategic health authority to his current NHS trust as head of communications and stakeholder engagement.

From there he stepped up to be director of strategy and community services, taking on the opportunity to be acting chief exec before landing the permanent job in 2020 and leading his organisation through the pandemic.

With experience and skills like that he’s in the ideal position to run a workshop on how communicators can best work with their senior teams, particularly the chief exec.

He’s seen things from both sides of the fence and he’ll discuss the tactics and tools he’s learned along the way that can help comms pros have that all-important strategic influence, supporting leadership teams and engaging the whole organisation.

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