– Youth Proof 2 Future Proof –

Join Participation People Chief Exec Antonia Dixey and a group of Young Consultants. Will your comms pass the youth proof test?

Youth Proof 2 Future Proof

Youth Proof 2 Future Proof

Antonia Dixey

Date: 07th September 2023

Time: 3.30pm

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Children are the future, right? So why do we, as comms professionals, spend so little time communicating with them? And do we even know how?

This fabulous workshop will really help you to understand how young people tick, what they want to know about and how. You’ll hone your techniques, your language and your whole comms and engagement approach to young people, with tips, techniques and insight from young people themselves. Come along prepared to be challenged and have fun!

Participation People proudly and no doubt disruptively becomes a teenager this year, so there couldn’t be a better time to welcome them to the Comms Unplugged field.

About Antonia and Participation People:

Antonia started in the charity sector with St John Ambulance; managing the national youth participation programme. No easy task for an organisation that is over 900 years old.

She then moved to the statutory sector and was the Involvement Manager for London Borough of Tower Hamlets, during an era where there was both lots of money and lots of deprivation.

Thirteen years ago Antonia set up Participation People, an organisation which sets out to youth-proof businesses, charities and local authorities by gathering data and insight into the thoughts and feelings of young people and giving them a voice.

Antonia combines a head for strategy and the bigger picture with immense creativity and passion for involving young people throughout the process of making decisions that affect them. She believes in listening, valuing and acting upon what young people and their families have to say, then co-producing solutions together to create more inclusive and accessible products and services for all.

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