– Comms Unplugged kit-list –

Get ready for Comms Unplugged 2023!

Congratulations!  You are part of the lovely Comms Unplugged community.  Prepare yourself for some inspirational workshops, guaranteed learning and refreshing downtime.

For those of you who might be new to camping – for work anyway! – here’s a quick kit-list of what you will definitely need and ideas for optional extras, if you have or want to bring them…

Apologies to regular campers for whom this is all a bit obvious, please indulge us in trying to help those who are less familiar with under-canvas adventures. 


You’ll definitely need:

  • Water bottle for refilling
  • An insulated mug for your tea / coffee
  • Camping / BBQ plate and cutlery, to help us keep waste to a minimum 
  • Torch
  • Warm clothes / layers for the evening 
  • Your snuggliest PJs
  • Booze / soft drinks of your choice (for the evenings!)
  • Shoes you can go for a decent walk in
  • Wellies or similar (fingers crossed we won’t need those!)
  • Waterproof jacket  (ditto!)

And very obviously….

  • Your tent / van
  • A warm sleeping bag plus airbed or sleeping mat
  • Towel and washbag

If you have them you may like to bring:

  • Portable/Calor gas stove plus fuel 
  • Kettle and mugs/spoon plus tea & coffee and washing up kit (NB catering and hot drinks are provided throughout but in case you want to your own…)
  • Coolbox/bag and freezer packs if you want to chill your beers
  • BBQ fork for toasting those marshmallows
  • Camping table and chairs if you want to chill by your tent
  • A sketchbook and pencils, to capture the surroundings 
  • Battery charger – so you can charge up your phone for taking pictures only!! 😉

Any questions – email us on commsunplugged@gmail.com 

We can’t wait to see you in Dorset!