– #SaturdaySmiles: laugh yourself happy –

We like a bit of yoga at our main Comms Unplugged events and it’s been on offer at every one. Then in 2019 we decided to add a different take on it – laughter yoga! The wonderful Pat Wilkins, Carers Development Lead at Dorset HealthCare (in our Sally’s team), is also a laughter yoga leader and ran a fantastic session which completely wore out the unpluggers who attended. With crazy props, hilarious role-playing and lots of running around our main marquee, Pat created a group of laughter yoga fans right there and then. And if you weren’t in the marquee and heard the cackles from within you wondered what on earth was going on!

Pat did a short video for Dorset HealthCare staff this week to support their wellbeing and encourage them to laugh in challenging times. And she’s happy for us to share it to encourage #SaturdaySmiles among our #unpluggers as part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. Enjoy! 🙂