– Join in everyone…. it’s Rudolph the Unplugged Reindeer! –

Rudolph the unplugged reindeer

Our festive ditty for 2019 is available now on You Tube

Wanna sing along? Of course you do…. Lyrics here….

Verse 1

Rudolph the stressed-out reindeer.. Knew that he had crossed the line

Always on his devices… Now his nose had lost its shine

Verse 2

So he went off to Dorset… where the air was pure and clean

He found himself more chilled out… than he thought he’d ever been

Break 1

Campfire, learning, awesome food… time to clear his head

Laughter yoga, painting rocks… spotting rabbit, bird and fox…. 

Verse 3

Time to be much more active… listen, learn, connect and give,  

Focus on taking notice…  that’s a better way to live

Verse 4

All of the other reindeer… wanted to get in that game

They headed down to Burnbake… pretty soon they felt the same…

Verse 5

Gathering under canvas… meditating in the sun,

Live music in the evening… this unplugging lark’s such fun

Break 2

On those starry starry nights… sitting round the fire

Rudolph got his red nose back…what a fab wellbeing hack

Verse 6

Join Rudolph down in Dorset… Twitter, phone and email free, 

Fresh air and brand new friendships, in the CU familyyyyyy!



Lyrics by Sally Northeast and Georgia Turner

Video production: Georgia Turner

Starring: Sally Northeast, Georgia Turner, Darrent Caveney, Josephine Graham, Victoria Ford, Ross Gregory, Helena Hornby, Sarah Dakin and Helen Robertson.