– Finding community: how connections make things happen –

Feeling connected with others and part of a community is central to work and wellbeing

Finding community: how connections make things happen

Finding community: how connections make things happen

Kathy Kyle

Date: 08th September 2023

Time: 10.15am

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It’s probably fair to say that when Kathy sets out to do something, it’s gonna get done!

Her boundless energy, ability to connect people and connect with people, and her smart ideas are all the right ingredients to make things happen.

A multi-award-winning branding, digital communications and PR expert, she focuses on building community and integrated branding programmes to shift public opinion and deliver results. She has over 20 years of international experience in place marketing, digital transformation and advocacy.

The founder of DigiKind, who have been sponsors of Comms Unplugged for the last two years, she first joined us in person in the field in 2022 and a firm friendship was born.

Her community-building instincts and skills have been put to great use working with purpose-driven startups, local councils and businesses on community engagement and empowerment.

Kathy will share her thoughts and experience on building thriving communities – whether it’s neighbourhoods or communities of practice or interest. She knows a thing or two about finding her own community too. As a mixed race, native Californian who relocated to the UK to start a new chapter of her life, she’ll share reflections on how the communities she’s known and helped build have shaped her journey.

What’s it like for a city slicker to start over in rural England ? You’ll find out in this inspiring, energising keynote session in our main marquee.

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