– Delve in to data –

Be data curious in this workshop that will help you spot and craft great stories from data

Alex Waddington

Alex Waddington

Founder, Whetstone Communications

Date: 16th September 2022

Time: 11.30am

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Do you dare to dive in to data?

Last year the most senior government communicator in the land called for new breed of superhero communicator able to combine hard data analysis with brilliant story-telling and artistry. That’s akin to ‘fusing fire and ice’ according to one expert. But can we bring the two together for some spectacular results?
In this workshop, Alex Waddington will encourage you to be data curious. He’ll feed you some inspiring examples of data-driven communications (and the odd biscuit), helping you explore how data exploration could unlock deeper audience insights, enhance standard analytics and spark bright new story ideas.
Alex is founder of Whetstone and helps organisations use data to sharpen communications strategy and tactics. Across 20 years he’s worked in PR, internal communications, marketing, policy and public affairs in not-for-profit organisations. In 2021 he had a ‘data epiphany’ and start self-teaching himself to code and crunch data in his spare time. After failing lots at first and drinking too much coffee, he’s now studying data analytics.
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