– Saranne Postans –

"The work's not too difficult - there's just too much of it!" Recognise this? Managing an increasing workload is the biggest challenge facing comms folk today - and Saranne has some tips and tools to help you do just that.

Saranne Postans

Saranne Postans

Executive Coach and communications professional

Date: 05th September 2019

Time: 3:30pm

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Saranne has nearly 20 years’ experience in PR and communications and has held internal and external facing roles in public and private sector organisations.

More recently, she trained as an executive coach and now splits her time between communications contracts and coaching. She is also a Fresh Air Fridays facilitator as well as having responsibility for their marketing.

Anyone who’s ever worked with Saranne would say she’s pretty organised and loves a bit of process! Learning about, and trying, different systems to prioritise and manage workload has been really important to Saranne (who’s actually a born procrastinator!) to help make the best of her time.

In this session she’ll share wisdom from some experts, her tricks (and some stuff that really didn’t work!) and get you thinking about how you work now and what changes you could make.


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