– Sewing with Sarah –

Sewing’s had a resurgence over recent years with shows like The Great British Sewing Bee on telly, and people wanting to make something more unique and personalised. Explore and express your creativity by learning how to customise any piece of fabric with some designs inspired by nature!

Sarah Dakin

Sarah Dakin

Sewist extraordinaire

Date: 10th September 2021

Time: 15:15

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Sewing with Sarah

Sarah is a two-time Unplugger, who’s sewn and embroidered ever since she was old enough for her mum to trust her with a needle. 

Sarah now regularly makes her own clothes, as well as completing embroidery and cross stitch projects. There’s a big sewing community on Instagram, where people regularly talk about how mindful they find sewing and how it helps their creativity and general mental health!

As sewing machines aren’t very Unplugged, Sarah will teach you how to use embroidery to decorate clothes or soft furnishings or make decorations. You’ll learn some basic stitches, and how to start and finish embroidering, so you can make a design inspired by nature, or just whatever you’d like!

Materials will be provided, including threads, snips, needles and scraps of fabric. But if you’re feeling confident, bring along a pair of jeans or other item of clothing that you want to customise.

If there’s a well-loved item of clothing but has seen better days, then feel free to bring that along too. Sarah can teach you how to do some patching and ‘visible mending’ to reduce waste!

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