– Mark Funnell, Deputy Director of Comms, Defra and Environment Agency –

Mark Funnell

Mark Funnell

Deputy Director of Communications, Defra, and Head of Communications, Environment Agency

Date: 06th September 2019

Time: 2:00pm

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Managing crises whilst maintaining your personal resilience

Mark Funnell – Deputy Director of Communications, DeFRA; Head of Comunications, Environment Agency

Mark is a Deputy Director of Communications in Defra, and leads operational and local communications for the department and four of its arm’s length bodies. He also heads up communications at the Environment Agency, leading 100 staff across operational and national teams. His most recent roles include interim Director of Communications at Defra, Head of Communications at the Forestry Commission and Head of External Relations at the Environment Agency. He also led transformation to a modern operating model for Defra group’s 250 Communications staff.

Mark started out in editorial and publishing roles, working for five years at a consumer magazine publishing company. His specialist areas include strategic planning, crisis communications, operational communications, change management, staff engagement and stakeholder relations. His incident experience includes ash dieback in 2012, and floods in 2009 and 2015/16.

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