– Leanne Ehren –

Leanne will deliver an interactive workshop exploring how we can all contribute to a big conversation, how we are all worthy of being listened to, and how we all have a story to tell. Test yourself, push yourself, step outside of your comfort zone and get your voice heard - because it's time to talk.

Leanne Ehren

Leanne Ehren

Mental health campaigner

Date: 05th September 2019

Time: 3.30pm

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Got a story to tell, but fearful of telling it? Want to take on a challenge that will put you in the limelight but worried about taking centre stage? This one's for you!

Leanne Ehren has been turning tricks in the comms industry for seven years after moving into the discipline following a career in newspaper journalism. Her experience lies mainly in the public sector within the emergency services.
She is a mental health and wellbeing advocate for communicators – more by circumstance than by choice. Leanne was diagnosed with PTSD after working as part of the teams that managed the Manchester Arena Terror Attack in 2017. It took her almost a year to be able to talk about her diagnosis, for fear it would negatively affect her reputation and professional standing, but now there’s no stopping her as she speaks out about not just her experience, but also as a voice to many others who have shared their stories with her.
We all have our challenges to overcome in life and while you may not believe it now, the very thought of standing up in front of a small room of people to talk, would petrify her. So how does she do it? Come along to the workshop to find out more. PS. She might evenĀ  bring her incredibly wonderful dog along!

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