– Tackling imposter syndrome –

We can be our own worst critics and 70% of us can suffer from imposter syndrome. So how can we deal with that negative inner voice?

Jill Spurr

Jill Spurr

Taming your imposter

Date: 10th September 2020

Time: 3.30pm

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A seasoned veteran of the imposter syndrome battle talks the science and the solutions

Hey you… yes, you. You who think you’re making it up as you go along; that you aren’t up to your day job and you’re bound to be found out soon. You who shrugs off a compliment because hey, anyone could do it (and someone else would probably be better).

Stop listening to your inner critic for five minutes and come and sit down.

Estimates suggest that up to 70% of us experience Imposter Syndrome – the feeling of inadequacy, that you will be found out, that you are a fraud. At best, it makes us self-deprecating, and at worst it can inhibit career progression, stifle creativity and negatively impact our mental health.

This workshop will take a wry look at our biggest critic, our own internal voice, to understand why we believe our own fake news, and offer some insight in how you can change the narrative for the better.

Jill Spurr has worked in housing communications for over 12 years, where she has delivered a range of creative projects like the Rural Housing Garden Party. She was a newspaper digital publishing manager, twice winning Newspaper Society Website of the Year.

She’s a CIPR Chartered Practitioner, an original #unplugger and occasional guest blogger on comms 2point0. She’s also the field’s crazy dog lady, sharing her life with five Border Collies and a Chinese Crested dog (you’ll probably meet them in the field)!


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