– Giles Henschel –

Back by popular demand, Giles is guaranteed to get Comms Unplugged 2019 off to an entertaining and energetic start

Giles Henschel

Giles Henschel

Founding Director and Chairman, Olives et al

Date: 05th September 2019

Time: 2.15-3.15pm

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"Bring back Giles!" That was the most-heard feedback from #CU17. So - here he is!

This opening session will challenge how you view work and maybe even life, and leave you motivated to shake things up, for the better.

Expelled twice, once by his father, Giles’ best qualification is a B in O Level Metalwork. After a disastrous education Giles joined the Army and spent 10 years building stuff, blowing it up, marching about a bit and not getting caught. On leaving he spent a year in the music business creating and managing a boy band before selling everything he owned and setting off on a year long honeymoon with his new wife, Annie, travelling around the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa on two motorbikes.

On the return from the trip the couple set up Olives Et Al having spotted a non existent gap in a non existent market. So he knows a bit about being disruptive!

20 years later the company now employs more than 70 people and supplies over 6,000 outlets across the UK and beyond. Over the years they have built up an enviable reputation for innovative products and remarkable marketing backed up by excellent service and a leadership style founded on the basis of honesty and integrity.

Giles says the only reason he ended up starting his own business was no-one else would employ him. We’re not sure we agree….



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