– Georgina Bottomley –

Decorating and hiding rocks has become something of a craze, with people around the country delighting in finding the surprise stones when they least expect it. Express your creativity by learning how to decorate your own personalised rock using the art of decoupage.

Georgina Bottomley

Georgina Bottomley

Rock decorator extraordinaire (and school teacher!)

Date: 06th September 2019

Time: 3.15pm

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Be part of the rock decorating craze!

Georgie is a married Dorset mum of two, secondary school teacher and lover of all things crafty!

In late 2017, after randomly finding a painted stone one day, she decided to join the rock painting and hiding craze. Fast forward 9 months or so and she had hidden 3-400 rocks for people to find.

Many were posted online by the finders and Georgie was asked time and time again if she would sell them. Eventually she said ‘yes’ and now has daily sales in her Etsy shop with well over 100 designs listed. She says she finds creating the stones really relaxing, particularly after a hard day persuading teenagers to care about their punctuation!
Georgie met Sally (one of the founders of Comms Unplugged) at Dorset Rock Choir and they struck up a friendship based on music, cake and stationery (the best kind)!

This year she will be running a workshop to teach unpluggers the art of decoupage on some gorgeous, sparkly Spanish cobbles. You’ll then be let loose with paint pens on some silky smooth duck egg cobbles…. so get ready to find your creative mojo in the marquee!


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