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Join Victoria Ford, Ross Gregory and Chris Elias for a session on ‘Communicating Digital’ (delivered fully analogue, of course!)

Communicating digital with Perago Wales

Communicating digital with Perago Wales

Join Victoria Ford and the Perago gang for a demistifying digital workshop

Date: 10th September 2021

Time: 11.45am

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Communicating digital, with Perago Wales

To really deliver better public services, organisations need to communicate effectively both internally and externally. More than ever comms professionals have a role to play in supporting organisations to transform and embrace digital. Communicating digital change can be difficult, with different terminology, roles and ways of working that are new to some organisations. In this workshop. Perago will help you to demystify digital and think about what we need to do differently as comms professionals to help our organisations deliver change. 

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