– Happiness at Work –

Inspiring and practical strategies to increase the amount of happiness you get from your work

Chris Croft

Chris Croft

Management trainer who loves music, gadgets and tech, books, ideas, time and happiness

Date: 15th September 2022

Time: 2.15pm

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Happiness at work

Did you know that your brain doesn’t know what’s good for you?  In fact it actively gives you bad advice most of the time!
Do you know how to get rid of all negative emotions?   But then again, would you want to?
Is working hard a good idea?  Is life fair?  Would a bit more money make you happy?
Chris will answer all these questions and more in this unique, philosophical but also practical talk.
Chris Croft runs popular leadership courses on Udemy.com and LinkedIn Learning, including Project Management, Time Management, and Happiness. He is one of the most viewed trainers in the world with about 20,000 people a day taking his courses.
He says he’s baffled by this, having worked as a pretty poor engineer, a reluctant manager, and quite a good (but badly paid) university lecturer, before discovering what he was born to do, which is design and run training courses.  He then travelled endlessly around England running training courses pretty much every day before being discovered by Linkedin Learning, so now he does the occasional live talk, the occasional zoom session, and spends the rest of the time sitting in the sun with his dog, listening to music and planning more video courses.
Of course, being Unplugged, we couldn’t wait to get him in our field, in real life, as our fabulous opening speaker.
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