– Bruce Daisley, author and guru on fixing work –

What can we all do to rediscover the joy of work?

Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley

Author, podcaster and workplace culture guru

Date: 10th September 2021

Time: 10.15am

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From prepping fries at McDonalds to running YouTube then Twitter in Europe - this man has been gathering all the observations, ideas and learning about workplace culture that you need to know

Bruce Daisley is one of the world’s most influential voices on fixing work. His book The Joy of Work was the UK’s top selling business hardback of 2019 and is an international bestseller – translated into 14 languages. Previously he spent over a decade running Twitter and YouTube (the latter at Google) for Europe, leaving Twitter as its most senior leader outside of the US.

Bruce runs the Apple #1 Business Chart topping podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat on work culture. He now spends his time championing reforms to workplace culture and working to find solutions to climate change.

As communicators play such a vital role in helping to develop the culture of our organisations, Bruce’s knowledge and insight will be invaluable. Gathered working for some of the world’s most influential organisations and through interviews for his podcast, his observations will ring true not only for us in our comms roles but also as individuals finding our way in the modern workplace.

After a year of working differently, what next for our workplaces and how do we make sure we engender that sense of belonging and team, when maybe we won’t see as much of each other in person?

So much of what Bruce talks about chimes with the ethos of Comms Unplugged which is why we’re so delighted we’ve been able to persuade him to join us in the field for 2021.

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